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Obedience & Rally:  Louann Currey

Sweeps, Veteran Sweeps,  and Cut Down Sweeps:  Harry Bennett

Agility: Mark Upshaw

Futurity:  Dee Travella

Conformation, Jr. Showmanship, 4-6 puppy,  Marjorie Wikerd

Veterans Sweeps, Sweeps judge:  JoAnne M. Buehler

Regional Specialty, Jr. Showmanship at Sheraton:  Terry Dennison

                                 Judges' Biographies

2022 Futurity Judge Dee Travella

I am honored to be nominated to judge the Futurity Stakes at the TTCA National in 2020.  My husband and I have been members of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America since 1998 and bred our first litter in 2001. We have participated in Futurity with several of our puppies over the years, and in 2014 were thrilled to have one of our puppies named Grand Futurity Winner.

We currently share our home with 3 Tibetans and 2 Havanese ranging from 8 to 16 years old. Our dogs are a large part of our lives, and we have enjoyed showing both in AKC and international dog shows.  They are all AKC champions, and several have also earned international titles (in the Bahamas, Mexico, Portugal, and Brazil)  I have also had the pleasure and honor of judging Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes for both TTCA and HCA Regional Specialties.

In addition to the TTCA, I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Tibetan Terrier Club and the Havanese Club of America, where I also serve as a Director on the Board.

Prior to my retirement, I spent the last 25+ years working in the Financial/legal services industry working for Bank One, Solomon Brothers, First Union National Bank, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and Axiom Law.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dee Travella

TTCA Board Member

AKC, TTCA and HCA Breeder of Merit

2022 Regional Judge Terry Dennison

Terry Dennison and her family live on a 40 acre parcel in Wasilla Alaska, about 50 miles North of Anchorage.  Terry began raising and training Old English Sheepdogs in the late 70’s in the heart of the Matanuska Valley. She began showing them in obedience and conformation.

The 80’s brought two children and three years of a new breed, the Bearded Collie.  Dog shows were prevalent and full of excitement. A visitor to the dog shows may have been surprised to find a small child in a kennel rather than a canine. When Terry took a dog to the grooming table , an empty kennel became a quiet, cozy bed for children Sara and Ron.  Terry played an active role in the local 4H program in the Mat-Su Valley.  Her children showed their Pomeranians in the program and learned to become Junior Handlers.  Terry was also a 4H judge.

In the 90’s her Kennel (Katagnik) really began to blossom. The Tibetan Terrier and Afghans were added to the family and Terry began traveling out of Alaska regularly for dog shows.  In her spare time, Terry would instruct obedience and conformation classes in her oversize garage and at her local kennel club— of which she was president for eight years. In the mid 90’s the Dennison’s began building a larger house (for the dogs of course) on 40 acres.

The turn of the century brought many new developments for Katagnik Kennels.  The last of the Old English Sheepdogs died at the ripe old age of 16.  Actually, she was 3 months shy of 17.  Terry began working on her judging application for Junior Handling, Tibetan Terriers and Old English Sheepdogs. She also got her first Havanese.  In 2017 Terry brought home a PBGV, a breed she had loved from a far for many years.  In 2018 the second PBGV joined Katagnik Ranch.

Through the years Terry has done rescue, primarily Old English Sheepdogs and Tibetan Terriers but has been known to house another breed if it really needed a home. Terry’s husband was always fond of German Shepherds, so the family has always had a token shedding dog.  Her son’s interests brought a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Newfoundland.  Terry has bred Old English Sheepdogs, Tibetan Terriers, Afghans and Havanese.  She has shown or bred more than 50 dogs to their championships, and many obedience and rally titles as well.

The only breeds that are being bred these days at Katagnik Ranch is the Havanese and PBGV.

Today, Terry continues to pursue her judging credentials.  She now has 13 breeds and all breed juniors. The only breeds in the house (now that the children are grown) are Tibetan Terriers, PBGV and Havanese.  She continues to travel “outside” for dog shows, but now travels as a judge as well as competitor.  Terry has also held the position of Vice President for the Tibetan Terrier Club of America, and is a founding member and President of The Toy Dog Club of Alaska.

2022 National Judge Marjorie Wikerd, Jr. Showmanship, Stud dog, Brace, Breeders' Class

Marjorie Wikerd began her involvement in purebred dogs 47 years ago with the arrival of Basset Hound Wikerds Lady Amanda, CDX. Not long after, Musicland’s Baby Doll, CD made her/our debut in the conformation ring and so began a lifetime commitment as a breeder and exhibitor.  In 1987 TT Ori, CH Abbey’s Orient Express, joined the pack.

Over the years, over 100 Tibetan Terriers, Tibetan Spaniels and Basset Hounds carrying the Bluvali prefix have earned the title of Champion and 8 of the TTs have gone on to finish a grand championship.  Others have earned obedience, rally, agility and tracking titles.

Marjorie began judging in 1997 and is currently approved to judge 7 hounds and 4 non-sporting breeds as well as junior showmanship.  She has judged Basset Hound specialities from coast to coast as well as in Canada and Argentina.  She judged the Tibetan Terrier nationals in 2005, the TTC of CN and the Bay Colony TTC in 2000, the Tibetan Spaniel nationals in 2006 & 2004, and the dog classes at Basset Hound nationals in 2010 and 2017.

Marjorie continues to breed and exhibit Tibetan Terriers and also lives with three Standard Poodles.  Tibetan Spaniels and Basset Hounds are no longer in residence but she enjoys their antics at the ends of other folks’ leads.

2022 Harry Bennett, Veterans Sweeps, Sweeps Judge, Cut Down Sweeps

I acquired my first Afghan Hound in 1970.  I was in my mid teens and I was eager to learn. Showing was in my sights. Everyone around me at the dog shows was encouraging. It was not too long before I was asked to show other people’s dogs.

The Afghan Hound is the breed that I am best and most associated with. I have successfully participated in all levels as an owner, breeder, and professional handler, as well as in the Parent Club on all levels from President on down, National Chair, and Judges Education Coordinator for nearly 20 years today.  I have judged this breed’s National Specialty Sweepstakes and its Breeders’ Cup and Futurity twice each, as well as innumerable Regional Specialty Sweepstakes.

I have had Italian Greyhounds for over half as long and Havanese since their acceptance into AKC. Both of these National Clubs have had me officiate over their Sweepstakes on 2 occasions, the IGCA Futurity and Top Twenty.

As a professional I have shown many different breeds but maintain my expertise within the Sight Hounds and several of the coated Toy breeds and the Coton de Tulear.

In the 1970s, I became familiar with a couple who were established as breeders of Bouvier de Flandres and Tibetan Terriers which I believe were a recent addition to their kennel as well as AKC at that time. I helped out at their place for several years as a trainer and groomer.

I have had the opportunity to judge Sweepstakes at several breed National Specialties.  I love judging but I am not through showing dogs and so I don’t apply to become licensed.  I look forward to this Sweepstakes assignment.

LouAnn Currey, Obedience & Rally

Since 1995, Louann has been training and trialing in obedience. Success in rally, agility, barn hunt and scent work has coupled with breeder/owner handled championships and placements in the breed ring.

Her top performing Standard Poodle earned well over 100 titles in his career, becoming the foundation stud for her line. Although a breeder of Standard  Poodles, she has also titled a toy poodle, a Chinese Crested and a Bearded Collie. She understands that different breeds learn and perform in their own unique ways.

Louann has been an Obedience instructor since 1999, a Rally judge since 2007 and an obedience judge since 2014. During that time she has judged in the U.S. and abroad.

Mark Upshaw

I’m Mark Upshaw, I’ve been involved in agility since 1995. I started competing with my first Belgian Tervuren, Wautanka,  (I have nine of them now) and have been addicted ever since. I think agility is the most fun you can have with dogs. I was the course builder for my first club, South Coast Agility Trainers, then became chief course builder professionally for 15 years in Southern California.

I trained Agility in Riverside, California starting in 1999. I reconnected with my High School sweetheart, Rhonda, in 2014 and moved to Miami FL where I did some agility training and competing, In fall of 2016, Rhonda and I moved to Bloomsburg PA.

I’ve been an AKC agility judge since 2005. I really enjoy judging. It’s fun to watch the dogs as they run through the course. The joy in their eyes as their handler guides them through the course is awe inspiring. I like to watch the barking, snorting, and snarling ones the most, especially in the weaves. And it’s great hearing the handlers communicate with their teammate. I’ve continued to Judge through my moves, and I hope to judge for a long time to come.


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